Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mom of Five

I am a mom of 5, my children’s ages: 12, 5, 4, 2, and 11 months. So what that means is I have a fun (sometimes moody) tween in the house and a Dora fan club, “Can you say back pack? Louder!!” Life around here can get pretty crazy and it is pretty awesome as well.

It is a challenge taking care of everyone, and I certainly wish I did a better job, but I do try my best and know that in the end, that’s all we can really do and leave the rest up to God. I know that without His grace, life would fall apart around here pretty quick, and if it weren’t for some very special friends that I have, I would feel alone in my daily life as mom, teacher, maid, chef, nurse, wife and all of the other hats every mom/wife wears. But these friends inspire me. They help with the monotony that sometimes fills a stay at home moms routine. They teach me how to love my little ones and husband more, they show how to trust God in times of struggle, and to relax and enjoy the happy times. They show me how to be a Christian and find God even among the piles of despair a.k.a the laundry, dishes, and bills.

These friends of mine are really not friends but family, my brothers and sisters, the Saints. Like in all families, I have my favorites and I want to share them with you, these are family members that no parent can live without knowing. I hope they inspire and brighten your path to God as they do with me.

San Isidro

Today a friend asked me to pray for him. I said okay and figured some quick words would have to do since I was having a typically full and busy day around the house. Well this friend asked me to ask for prayer from one of our favorite saints, St. John Maximovitch, whom I will share with you later. I have an akathist that I like to pray when asking St. John for help. Like I said, I first thought some quick words will have to do but knew that the akathist would be better. So I put the kids to bed and lit the candles. While I was praying the Akathist to St. John I was trying to focus on the prayer and not think about the list of to-do’s I had waiting for me. Well San Isidro’s retablo came to mind as I prayed. San Isidro was a farmer and in retablo’s painted of him you will see him in a field kneeling down in prayer while angels in the background plow his field for him. The angels would do San Isidro’s work for him so that he could pray more. What a comforting yet challenging story. I felt immediate relief from the anxiety of my to-do list and felt God and San Isidro reminding and challenging me to remember what is most important in the life of a Christian: Prayer and my relationship with God. If I put first things first I must trust that God will help me with the other aspects of my life. In a year from now it probably won’t matter if my to-do list was completed by the end of the day but stopping and praying for a friend and spending time with God and St. John will make a difference, perhaps a very significant one.

San Isidro reminds us that God will help us when we love Him as we should, God will provide for us when we let no one or nothing get in the way of our love and desire to be with Him. So does this mean I can drop all my chores and neglect my kids and lock myself in my room in prayer? No, of course not, but San Isidro’s life does remind me to never place anything above God, to never say "no, I can’t pray right now, I have to take care of other things first."

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